Nov 262012

Four amazing shows, a huge amount of driving, some new music and merchandise, awesome audiences and an interview with the band.

A huge thank you to Tony (Cable’s manager) for arranging interview time for me, the forum members and site visitors who sent our site traffic through the roof, the Derby audience who were some of the nicest people I have ever met (it truly was the best gig I have ever been to) and of course the band.

The interview is now up as well as some photos from the Derby show.

I hope you all enjoyed it all as much as I did.

Cable Dressing Room

Cable Demo

Jun 282012

Cable Poster

Much anticipated news. Cable are reforming for 2 shows supporting Hundred Reasons alongside Hell is for Heroes.

Shows are Friday 23rd November 2012 in Manchester and Saturday 24th November in London.

Check out the teaser site



There has also been a flurry of Activity on the Sub-lingual Forums


May 242012

Pete has kindly sent over some pics he had from his private collection including some behind the scenes pics.

For the full gallery see here or click on the images below.


Also forum member “martin_lindau” has started a campaign for Let’s Get Cable To Reform setting up a Facebook Page to garner support for a future Kick Starter project to get crowd source funding to support a show from the band. Please click Like and share with your Friends.

If you’ve not sold your soul to Zuckerberg then please add your support to the Forum Thread.