Apr 252011

We have a Radio interview sublingual’s own Damon did with Pete back in November 2010 for Express FM available to listen to.

Also Pete Recently Posted to the Forum..

Hi all – assuming that folk do check in here from time to time. Thought you might like to know that the 4 members of Cable (post Down-Lift line up) are meeting together in Brighton tomorrow – the 21st April, 2011, for the first time in 5 years. The purpose of this (apart from socialising) is two fold – first of all, we will be supping an ale or two in memorial to Martin Gilks, who died 5 years ago this month. Martin was Cable’s manager and former Wonderstuff drummer. The second reason, you might be more excited about, but I can’t say yet… more news as it happens.

And here’s a pic sent through during that get-together.

Cable April 20th 2011

Cable April 20th 2011

Apr 182011

Sub-lingual is dead…. Long Live the New Sub-lingual.

Nothing much as happened for the past 4 years here at sub-lingual.

It has survived however accruing an astounding 219880 visitors remaining the last bastion of Cable information the internet and the definitive Cable tribute website.

We’ve migrated to wordpress and upgraded the forum.

Keep an eye out for all new Cable content over the next few months.

May 022007

We now have great quality copies of all the Cable video’s (sadly except for the Whisper Firing Line vid) we will rotate the video section as we do the audio one, if anyone has a particular video they want to see first let me know and we’ll stick it up.

Many thanks to Rowan for the video’s