Aug 232006

Signature Tunes have announced the Tracklisting for the upcomming Cable covers album "Souvenir – A tribute to Cable" on the 24th October.


In Flight Program'God Gave Me Gravity'
The Killerest Expression'Choice'
The League of International Super Best Friends
(members of Bloc Party and yourcodenameis:milo) – 'Do The Tube'
Tom Vek'Ultra Violet'
Stapleton'Sports Cars and Devil Worship'
Knives'Signature Tune'
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – 'Freeze The Atlantic'
Lost Alone'Sale Of The Century'
Tellison'Song 1'
My Awesome Compilation
'Bluebirds Are Blue'
Econoline'The Clairvoyant'
Fixit Kid'Ouibliette'
Pocket promise'Comprendez?'
Dave House'Souvenir'


They will also be giving a preview of the album tracks in their myspace page, airing one track per week.

Sept 4th – 'God Gave Me Gravity'
Sept 11th – 'Bluebirds Are Blue'
Sept 18th – 'Sale Of The Century'
Sept 25th – 'Song 1'
Oct 2nd – 'Do The Tube'
Oct 9th 'Ultra Violet'
Oct 16th 'Freeze The Atlantic'

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