Sub-Lingual review from I Am The Rock


Cable Sub-lingual
Its a cruel world out there. Its a shame. With all the shit bands out there that survive a truly great one gets royally fucked. After a lengthy court case with an ex manager Cable finally release Sub-Lingual only to split up. Needless to say its the best thing the band have released. Produced by Paul Tipler the man who was responsible for iDLEWiLDs Hope is important. It starts with feedback on a song called "Song 1" and ends with a song called "Comprendez?". Between those songs is the finest album that you will probably hear all year. Single that never was "Honolulu" has a catchy as fuck chorus which will invade your head for ages and the infectious former single "Arthur Walker" fits in perfectly at track two. The highlight are the "Weoo weeo"s on the final track "Comprendez?" and when the drums crash out and you realise that its all over it really is a sad moment. This is a truly great album that will stay with me forever from one of the countries finest bands. It’s our loss. By Luke Younger