Piece on the break up of Cable from Melody Maker


Cable bowed out with a little help from their friends A, at a final gig in Camden Dingwalls last week.
A's irrepressible frontman Jason took it upon himself to talk about the trouble with Cable, who recently announced they were calling it a day.
"There's one reason why Cable are splitting up…You don't know him, but he's a man named Brian [Hallin, their ex-manager]. After three let me hear you say, 'Brian is a wanker!'"
The band went through a lengthy County Court case after sacking Hallin and when the judge found in the ex-manager's favour, the band were ordered to pay an enormous amount of money. It's thought the band could not continue with such debt.
Brian Hallin said of the onstage insult: "I don't know the band saying this [A]. I'm not quite sure why they're getting involved in it. There must be some bitterness in the background there.
"I don't have any emotional feelings about Cable at all. I don't wish them ill. I'd like to see them do well… They persisted in going through court. They seem to have been badly advised."
Back at the gig, rumours had been abounded that Bush main man Gavin Rossdale was to play. Instead, A were followed by Jeremy from Done Lying Down.
Cable singer Matt made no comment about their demise during the show, except to thank all those who'd stood by them.
Afterwards, though, he looked choked and his only comment was, "It's not good… It's not good."