NME Review of Cable’s last show


London Camden DingWalls

A palpable pall hangs over proceedings, as you might expect at a wake, which is pretty much what tonight's gig is. Theres a sense that, in the end, the bad guy won.
Watching Cable play their final gig, you can almost taste the anger. Due to a legal dispute they have been forced to abandon all they've worked for – their past seven years' toil all in vain. As you might expect, the circumstances conspire to engineer a pretty remarkable evening's music. The intensity between the members as they rattle malevolently through their elegantlybruised hardcore roar is matched only by the roomful of fans come to pay their last respects. Coruscating gems off their postponed, ultimately posthumous album 'Sublingual' sit easily among the older material, frustratingly their best and most accessable material yet.
Halfway through the final song, and the dam breaks, dedicated kids thronging onstage to touch their heroes one last time. Hell yes, it's touching. Finally Cable get what they deserve.

Stevie Chick