Live review from The Last Resort


Cable @ Verdis, Weymouth
Weymouth, may seem to be the centre of the universe at times, but for a whole hour it felt like hell had broken out. An eruption followed my tremors was felt. I opened my eyes and saw it was just Cable on the stage, just Cable? Cable seem to be one of the most under-rated bands for their musical ability. They get themselves in all the right places at the right times, receive rave reviews and the only piece of the puzzle missing, is the string of hit records. One mentionable hit was 'Freeze the Atlantic' which too many people thought was called "Hypnotised" after it was on a Sprite? advert a few years back. Tracks played on this evening of rock were mainly taken from their eagerly awaited third album entitled 'Sub-lingual'. Also the odd cable classic from their former two albums 'Down Beat Up-trodden' and 'When Animals Attack'. The songs enraptured feelings that will live on with the lucky people in attendance. The new album, when finally released on June 14th is the missing piece of the puzzle and in an optimistic world, a piece of music history.
Despite drummer Richie and Shane the guitar tech being the only two members of cable to arrive more than thirty minutes before they rocked Weymouth's Richter scale (due to a little disaster with frontman Matt's car, a bit too rock'n'roll really!) Possibly aggravated by the troubled journey the Derby foursome proved that noise it great, guitars and drums are just there to be rhythmically patterned in a way that makes people jump around and lyrics simply play with the human whilst sung by Matt in his nortern tones. Smiles could be seen from ear to ear on many, pint glasses were erratically slapped at the end of each song, although, a one hand clap isn't the loudest in the world, especially when ears are ringing.
The Cable vibe is spreading, intoxicating anyone with open ears and a want to ROCK!!! Be warned 'Sub-Lingual' will strike when you are not expecting it and Cable will probably show up supporting their mates on tour, either Reef, 'A', Symposium…oh I won't go on!

By Sean Adams