Cable at Rock City Nottingham


"It's ten past nine…" men of few on-stage words or actions, Cable begin inauspiciously with the time announcement before breaking into a detuned version of "Freeze the Atlantic".A man with elastic legs starts dancing down the front; he's playing low-slung air guitar. Nice one. "Quarter past nine.." song 2, alternately intense and fragile which is what Cable do best, never overplaying their hand though, never over-using the trick. Two others join the elastic man who seems to be able to bend over backwards so his head touches the floor.

"What's the time, mate?" time for another song, "Blue birds are blue", amelodic and awkward , deconstructed tune—a monster. There's a handful of moshers now. "This is a new song. It's really good." "No it's not!" "Oh yeah, you're right, that's the next one". Deadpan and understated, but there's a rapport with the audience. New songs "Hexagon eye" and "Autobahn Head" might display a lack of inspiration on the title front, but are both excellent in a droning way and keep the gang at the front happy.

It's a short set tonight (supporting China Drum) and they finish with "Oubliette", the song that should end all gigs. Self-destructing on a twisted riff and demented screaming…you really should go and see Cable now.