Break up of Cable from the NME


CABLE, the hightly-rated Derby post-hardcore mob, have split up.
In a short statement, the band claimed that the decision had been forced upon them by "unforseen legal circumstances" and stressed that no "musical differences" were involved. They passed on "heartfelt thanks" to all their fans.
Cable were together for five years, releading the 'Down lift the Uptrodden' mini-LP in 1996 and the 'When Animals Attack' album the following year. Their 'Freeze The Atlantic' single entered the UK Top 50 in June '97 after it was used in a Sprite TV advert. The band's members – vocalist/guitarist Matt Bagguely, guitarist Darius Hinks, bassist Pete Darrington and drummer Richie Mills – have yet to announce their future plans.
Cable's label Infectious still plan to release the foursome's second album, 'Sublingual', on May 17.